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We are campers, surfers, hikers, environmentalists, and working families. We are dedicated to protecting California's 5th most popular state park, San Onofre State Beach from the destructive Foothill-South Toll Road.  We are not only local residents, but our membership encompasses all of California. We are concerned citizens who don't believe our state parks should be warehouses for future development.  We believe our state parks should be used at they were intended: for working families and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy nature.

We seek to ensure San Onofre's future as a state park by defeating the ill-concieved Foothill-South Toll Road. If the toll road were to be built, we could lose nearly 60% of the park, including the San Mateo Campground, the last pristine watershed in Southern California, the best surf break in North America--Trestles Beach, a Sacred Native American site, and the Donna O'Neill Land Conservancy.

We are citizens taking action by writing letters to decision makers, attending public hearings, attending events and telling our friends and neighbors.



Robin Everett
Conservation Organizer
Sierra Club/Friends of the Foothills
949-361-7534 / fax: 949-361-6623