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We are over 7,000 individuals in a grassroots movement dedicated to preserving the last open space of our area and protecting our communities' quality of life. For too long Californians have watched as their natural heritage and their towns have been degraded so that developers can continue to build urban sprawl further and further from established job centers. We seek the protection and restoration of our region, as well as innovative and forward-looking planning for growth, transportation and environmental protection.

First, however, we must defeat two massive development proposals -the Rancho Mission Viejo residential and commercial development and the Foothill-South toll road. Alone, either project would cause great harm to South Orange County. Together, they will destroy our open space, endanger our clean surf, congest our communities with more traffic, and deprive our future generations of their natural heritage.

Through acquisition and other tools, we will work with organizations and government agencies to permanently protect South Orange County's globally rare habitat, maintain our clean surf and air and keep nature nearby for our families and for future generations.

Letter Writing Campaign to Public Officials

Our public officials take hand-written letters very seriously, especially from individuals in their districts. In fact, many of our letter writers have received return letters directly from their targeted officials. While electronic mail saves paper, it is NOT as effective as those which are hand delivered, mailed or faxed. Please take the time to write to the decision makers listed on our Important People Page. You may draft your own letter or use one of our sample letters below.

These letters are printer ready for you to sign and mail - TODAY!

Letters to the Editor

If you would like to voice your opinions by sending a letter to a local newpaper, please visit our Letters To The Editor section that lists newspaper editor contacts.

If you are still trying to figure out the names of your CA state representatives, call (916) 319-2856 (for the Assembly) and (916) 445-4251 (for the Senate) or visit on the web Project Vote Smart to look up your legislators by entering your zip code.

Robin Everett
Conservation Organizer
Sierra Club/Friends of the Foothills
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